AnĀ Xavier Woods sex tape has surfaced. He has allegedly had sex with Paige on screen. WWE might be forced to take action because of that video.

Xavier Woods sex tape

A lot is going on in WWE right now. Wrestlemania 33 is taking place soon. Management usually puts all their energy into that. Things changed this week. An Xavier Woods sex tape was leaked. He is allegedly on film having sex with Paige. The diva is having issues with World Wrestling Entertainment at the moment. Brad Maddox filmed the two of them doing the dirty deed. That has been the talk of the industry this week.

WWE punishing Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods and Paige are both consenting adults. They also were not responsible for someone hacking phones. Unfortunately, though, they both work for a publicly traded company. WWE has to take certain things into account. Some fans fail to understand that. If there is pressure on the front office, World Wrestling Entertainment might have to take action. It might not be the fair thing to do. However, corporations usually have to appease those that invest big money into them. It might be something the public relations department needs upper management to do.

New Day at Wrestlemania 33

The trio of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E Langston do not have a match at Wrestlemania 33. Management has decided to use them as the host. WWE just wants them involved because they are entertaining. However, if the front office has to remove Woods from television, that might jeopardize things. Kingston and Langston are entertaining. The New Day act, though, works better when all three men are together. Some consider Xavier to be the funniest one out of the bunch. It will be interesting to see what management decides with Woods in the coming weeks.

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