Xavier Woods kept away from fans. WWE did that in an attempt to control the audience. They wanted to prevent them from chanting about the Paige controversy.

Xavier Woods kept away

Things were going well for Xavier Woods. The New Day was set to be the host of Wrestlemania 33. That puts them in the spotlight at the biggest wrestling pay per view of the year. Then, Woods ran into a bump on the road.  A Paige sex tape leaked online. Xavier was one of her sexual partners. WWE wanted to avoid adding fuel to the fire. So, they kept Woods away from the live audience on Monday Night Raw. They were afraid fans were going to chant something in regards to the videos. Some are already making naughty Paige signs.

Paige kept away

If Paige was around, WWE would keep her away from the live audience as well. Aside from avoiding further controversy, the move would also protect her as well. It is being said that she is having trouble being out in public at the moment. Fortunately for World Wrestling Entertainment, they do not have to deal with that right now. She is currently off the road after having neck surgery. No word on when she will return. However, management does not seem to be in much of a rush when it comes to that.

Xavier Woods and Paige kept apart

WWE will need to take some precautions if Paige does decide to return. The smart move would be to keep her away from Xavier Woods. Seeing the two of them within close proximity is going to generate a reaction from the fans. World Wrestling Entertainment might even need to have them on separate brands. There is a draft that is rumored to be taking place after Wrestlemania 33. Management likes having the New Day on Monday Night Raw. So, Paige might find a permanent home on Smackdown Live.

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