WWE rumors are stating that Roman Reigns beating Undertaker is the most likely outcome at Wrestlemania 33. Fans are not going to be pleased with that decision.

Roman Reigns beating Undertaker

A lot of wrestling fans love to marry their opinions. No matter what Roman Reigns does, they are going to hate him. They fail to understand why WWE pushes the Samoan superstar. Many also have a hard time wondering why Reigns is given so many victories. Those particular fans are going to be quite upset at Wrestlemania 33. The belief right now is that World Wrestling Entertainment is going to have Roman picking up the victory over Undertaker. The betting websites are putting a lot of money behind that prediction.

Undertaker putting over Roman Reigns

Putting over younger performers on your way out is a tradition in wrestling. Not a lot of people can comprehend that. Emotions cloud their logic. They are big fans of Undertaker. So, they never want to see him lose. However, that that understand that sports entertainment is a business know that Undertaker has to do that before retirement. It is the right thing for WWE. Roman Reigns is going to be around for a while. Management needs him to look strong. As a veteran, Undertaker gets that. It is why he is willing to put over the former world heavyweight champion at Wrestlemania 33.

WWE fans turning on Roman Reigns

Booking Roman Reigns is a tricky thing for WWE. Half the fans hate him. The other half love him. Beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33 builds credibility. However, management knows that there are going to be people who hate that decision. They still need to go through with it. That is because it is the right move. The commentators can then brag that Reigns was able to beat a legend. That helps with the sector of the fans who root for Reigns and buy his merchandise.

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