WWE does not have a Reby Hardy contract on the table. So, she is highly unlikely to be joining Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Reby Hardy contract

WWE rumors are suggesting that Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are on the verge of signing a new contract. The popular duo are set to return to the company that helped them become superstars. The move comes after the wildly popular Broken Hardys gimmick in TNA. Reby Hardy was a part of that act. However, it now appears that management is not interested in bringing her on board. No contract is said to be on the table for her.

Reby Hardy feuds in WWE

Though she is primarily an on screen character now, Reby Hardy could have been quite the asset for WWE. There are some interesting potential feuds for the Broken Hardys. Adding Reby into the mix could expand the possibility. For example, World Wrestling Entertainment can do something between Matt Hardy and the Miz. Maryse has become more involved with her real life husband in the stories. That could be an interesting follow up feud after they are done with John Cena and Nikki Bella. Matt and Reby could do something with John and Nikki once Bella decides to make her return.

Reby Hardy heat

There might be a couple of reasons why WWE is not signing Reby Hardy. She has some heat on her from fans. Reby has been quite vocal towards TNA. She feels that the new management team disrespected Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. That is why the two sides decided to part ways. World Wrestling Entertainment fears that she might become vocal if Matt and Jeff are not treated well in their company. Another reason could simply be that she is not interested in a contract. The 30 year old is pregnant with her second child at the moment.

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