Once the sex tape was leaked, fans started wondering about the Paige punishment. They wanted to see what WWE would do. It appears that the front office has made a decision.

Paige punishment

WWE officials decided to have a closed door meeting before the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. The topic of discussion was Paige. Management wanted to see if a punishment was needed at this point in time. Full details of the meeting have not been released. However, rumors are stating that Paige will avoid punishment for the time being. World Wrestling Entertainment is hoping that the situation becomes less of a story with time.

Outside pressure on WWE

A lot of fans fail to understand that there is outside pressure on WWE when it comes to decisions. There has always been. However, that pressure increased significantly after the company went public. If a high ranking executive from the USA Network is uncomfortable with the sex tape, then Paige might be kept off of television. If advertisers threaten to terminate their contracts, Paige might no longer be with World Wrestling Entertainment. Shareholders have a say as well. But that requires a large group of people to enforce major changes.

Paige’s way out

On the flip side, there might be a chance that Paige does want some sort of punishment. People forget that she wanted out of her contract with WWE not too long ago. It might help her get through the controversy by being out of the spotlight. She can still make a decent living on the independent wrestling circuit. Staying away from the hectic World Wrestling Entertainment schedule might also help Paige soothe things over with Alberto Del Rio. The former world heavyweight champion might not be comfortable with his fiancee returning to that type of environment.

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