WWE rumors are circulating about Luke Harper challenging Bray Wyatt. The two former stablemates could end up in a big feud after Wrestlemania 33.

Luke Harper challenging Bray Wyatt

Live events are often used by WWE as a testing ground. Potential new feuds are tried out there. A potentially big one is taking place on the circuit right now. It involves Luke Harper challenging Bray Wyatt. The world heavyweight champion has been defending the belt against his former sidekick. Management wants to see how the audience reacts to the program. If the reactions are positive, then there is a good chance that the feud gets promoted to television and pay per view.

WWE pushing Luke Harper

Like most performers, Luke Harper wants to be pushed. He wants to become a member of the main event scene. Being in that spot enables WWE stars to receive higher bonuses. It also enables them to see if they can shine on the biggest stage of them all. Harper admits that he is against a Wyatt Family reunion. He does not want to be a member of a stable because it can overshadow wrestlers. Luke feels that he is more than ready to stand on his own.

Bray Wyatt challengers

As many already know, Bray Wyatt is facing Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 33. There is a very good chance that he walks out of Orlando with the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Orton is on fire right now. However, management knows that can survive a loss just fine. Randy will simply move on and ignite another feud. That means that World Wrestling Entertainment needs challengers for Wyatt. Luke Harper fits that bill. At the very least, he can fill the slot for a month. That allows WWE time to find and possibly build up another challenger for Bray.

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