The latest WWE rumors is that there is some JBL and Mauro Ranallo backstage heat. The two of them apparently do not like one another. The former world heavyweight champion is known as someone that is not afraid to speak his mind. John Bradshaw Layfield is not a fan of Ranallo because he does not feel that he belongs in World Wrestling Entertainment. He does not believe that the former MMA commentator lacks the toughness required for the job. Tensions rose when Mauro failed to make it to a Smackdown taping due to a major snow storm in the northeast a couple of weeks ago.

JBL inducting

JBL denies backstage heat rumors about Mauro Ranallo

Someone on Twitter actually brought up the backstage heat rumors to JBL. The former world heavyweight champion decided to address the situation. John Bradshaw Layfield stated that the rumors were false. He does not have backstage heat with Mauro Ranallo. JBL actually wished him well. The longtime WWE star also noted a potential reason behind the rumors. The Smackdown color commentator noted that he portrays a heel. So he sometimes has harsh words for Ranallo. Some might assume that their relationship is like that backstage as well.

Mauro Ranallo speaks about truth

Mauro Ranallo posts a vague message on Twitter

There is still a ton of speculation in the air. Mauro Ranallo is still away from WWE. He has not spoken much on the rumors. However, the Smackdown commentator did post something vague on Twitter. He speaks about the truth. Many will consider that as a possible jab at JBL and his denial. There are many who are still under the belief that Ranallo is suffering another bout of depression because of comments made to him from his broadcasting partner. Fans are waiting to see if Mauro actually does return to World Wrestling Entertainment.

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