WWE rumors are suggesting that the Goldberg contract is expiring soon. Management will need to figure out what they plan on doing with their main event scene next.

Goldberg contract expiring

The original plan was a short one. Goldberg was making a short run. He wanted a match against Brock Lesnar at the Survivor Series. Deep down, WWE wanted to see if he wanted more. Things turned out great at the pay per view. Management made Goldberg look like a legitimate threat still. The former WCW star dominated Lesnar. An Undertaker entrance lasts longer than the time that Bill and Brock spent in the ring. That was enough to convince Goldberg to look into an extended run. The two sides agreed on a couple of more pay per view events.

Goldberg leaving after Wrestlemania 33

As of right now, Goldberg has two more appearances left. WWE rumors are stating that he will make another appearance at Monday Night Raw. Management will use that as an opportunity to promote their biggest pay per view of the year. Then, Bill has his match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33. He is not scheduled for any more appearances after that. Goldberg is not showing up on television afterwards. That has led many to believe that the Universal Championship will be going home with Lesnar in Orlando.

Goldberg returning to WWE

At one point in time, WWE fans were certain that Goldberg would never return to the promotion. He came back. The former Atlanta Falcons player is also headlining Wrestlemania 33. Goldberg had a good run during his recent return. However, a continuation cannot be ruled out. If things with the front office remain cordial and profitable, Bill might come back for another taste. Summerslam is not too far away. After a rest, Goldberg might feel like working a couple of more feuds. World Wrestling Entertainment will sit down with Bill to discuss a contract at that point.

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