An official Broken Hardys contract is on the table. That is one of the more interesting WWE rumors this week.

Broken Hardys contract

Initially, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy wanted to stay with TNA. The two did not agree with the contract offer from the company. So, they decided to become free agents. The Broken Hardys did the wise thing. They sent out feelers to WWE. Management reciprocated that interest. So, negotiations took place. Apparently, the two sides share mutual interest. World Wrestling Entertainment has a contract offer on the table. Matt and Jeff are seriously contemplating making things official by signing.

Contract offer to Broken Hardys

Details of the Broken Hardys contract offer have not been released, of course. However, some educated guesses can be taken based on the situations. Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy do not want to work a full time schedule. Fortunately, WWE is more willing to hand out part time contracts. Management has seen how effective that can be for the company. The main event of Wrestlemania 33 features two part time performers in Brock Lesnar and Goldberg. A favorable merchandise deal is more than likely on the table as well. Both sides know that there should be plenty of money made from that.

Broken Hardys feuds

The contracts have not been signed yet. However, the speculations have begun. Fans want to know who the Broken Hardys will be feuding with in WWE. A popular choice is Bray Wyatt. He and Matt Hardy have characters that seem destined to do battle. Wyatt would need a partner, though. A returning Erick Rowan makes sense. The Usos are an interesting choice since they are the new tag team champions on Smackdown. World Wrestling Entertainment can also do a quick Shield reunion with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. They would be a dream match up against the Hardys.

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