HThe latest WWE rumors suggest that there is Alexa Bliss backstage heat in the company. The blonde bombshell might lose her push because management is not happy.

Alexa Bliss backstage heat

Backstage heat can ruin a career. Alexa Bliss was on her way up in the company. Management gave her enough of a push on Smackdown. She was elevated beyond Maryse, Nikki Bella and Mickie James. Management saw something in Alexa. That is why she was pushed back to the title after Naomi was sidelined. Now she is in the spotlight. The front office fears that she is not gifted enough in the ring. WWE wants Bliss to improve as an in ring performer.

WWE pushing Asuka

In WWE, it is hard to get anywhere once management loses faith in you. Alexa Bliss needs to be wary of that. Right now, Asuka is on the verge of a promotion from NXT to the main roster. If Bliss is in trouble, then she might be replaced. Asuka worked a show at Madison Square Garden. The match also featured Nikki Bella, Mickie James and Becky Lynch. The front office wants to see how fans will react to Asuka. For marketing reasons, World Wrestling Entertainment needs her to do really well.

Asuka on Monday Night Raw

As of right now, Asuka is working the WWE NXT event in Orlando during Wrestlemania 33 weekend. She is defending her belt against Ember Moon. There is a very good chance that she drops the belt that weekend. Some are even speculating that Asuka might work a match on the pay per view. Even more people are guessing that she will be on the episode of Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania. That is usually when World Wrestling Entertainment introduces new stars on the main roster. However, Asuka and her future are quite dependent on what happens with Alexa Bliss.

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