If you have been waiting for WWE to start pushing Sasha Banks again, wait a little bit longer.

This is not it.

On Monday Night Raw, the divas battled it out in a gauntlet match. Winner gets to challenge Alexa Bliss at Great Balls of Fire. Bayley might have had a chance but she was eliminated early. Nia Jax was a favorite but could not be the final one standing.

At the end of the night, it was Sasha standing tall. She held up the WWE Divas Championship to let Alexa know she was coming for a belt she once held.

Sasha Banks punishment ended

For a couple of weeks there, it was heavily speculated that Sasha Banks was in the doghouse with WWE. She went from being in a main event Hell in a Cell match on a pay per view to dancing with Rich Swann in the cruiserweight division.

Fortunately for Banks, she has a lot of loyal fans. Many defended the position that Sasha was in. Some even refused to believe that backstage politics existed in WWE. There were also reports that she was there to help build up the cruiserweight division.

On Monday Night Raw, it felt like the Sasha Banks punishment had ended.

Sasha Banks pushing Alexa Bliss

WWE is pushing Sasha Banks in order to push Alexa Bliss.

In pro wrestling, a champion is only as good as the level of competition that he or she faces. In order for World Wrestling Entertainment to sell Alexa as a great titleholder, she needs to beat a plethora of female challengers. It is a numbers game.

Bliss cannot make a name for herself by simply beating up Bayley. WWE saw how fans reacted to the long feud between Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair. As entertaining as those two girls were together, the fan base simply is not accustomed to lengthy feuds.

World Wrestling Entertainment wants to avoid that with Alexa Bliss.

Sasha Banks is simply the next woman up.

WWE rebuilding Sasha Banks

Another example of why this Sasha Banks push is not what it seems is the fact that WWE did not spend a whole lot of energy in rebuilding her momentum. Much of it was lost when she was involved with the talented but not promoted Rich Swann.

To get back to the top challenger spot, Sasha won a six woman tag team match. She then worked against Nia Jax in a match where Alexa Bliss was ringside. Then, Banks won a gauntlet match. All that happened in a span of three weeks.

That is a far cry from when WWE spent months building up Batista to challenge Triple H.

World Wrestling Entertainment also refused to give Sasha Banks a dominant performance in the gauntlet match. Much of the energy was spent on protecting Nia Jax. She was one of the first contestants which was sold frequently by the commentators.

Sasha Banks beat a weakened foe to earn a shot at Alexa Bliss.

WWE pushing Sasha Banks

Fear not, though. Sasha Banks will eventually be pushed by WWE again.

Regardless of what might have happened backstage to cause the demotion, Sasha is an extremely talented performer. She might be sloppy with some spots but overall she knows her way around the ring. Banks also has a good character that fans react to.

Sasha Banks will someday benefit from the lack of depth on the Monday Night Raw roster.

Mickie James and Dana Brooke do not seem like they are in line for a major push. Bayley provides some competition but some in WWE seem to have lost faith in her as a top level star. Unless Brie Bella actually makes her return, Sasha has a good chance of getting back to the top.

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