With the stable being a distant memory now, we take a look at the WWE Nexus members. Some are still around. Others are gone. A few have been forgotten.

Bray Wyatt Nexus

Bray Wyatt in Nexus

Out of all the Nexus members, Bray Wyatt was one of the least pushed guys by WWE. He was essentially a henchmen for the stable. However, he ended up being one of the top stars out of the group. Once he went from Husky Harris to his current character, his career took off. He is a rare Nexus member that is going to be with World Wrestling Entertainment for quite some time. Wyatt has seemingly cemented his spot near the top of the card in the promotion. He is also a former world heavyweight champion. Bray is what WWE was hoping he would be.

Ryback Nexus

Ryback in Nexus

Considering his physical gifts, many felt that Ryback had a good chance at being a star in WWE. Vince McMahon loves muscular guys who are larger than life. However, there were also doubters because Ryback seemed especially green. To his credit, the Las Vegas native worked really hard to improve himself as a performer. Ryback received a decent push in World Wrestling Entertainment. He wanted more, though. The Big Guy left WWE because he never received the main event push that he wanted. It was enough to make him walk away from the company. However, he had a solid career before going.

Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett in Nexus

When Wade Barrett won the first season of NXT, many viewed him as a future star in WWE. When he showed up as the leader of the Nexus, more people jumped on the bandwagon. It helped that the stable was booked to be dominant immediately. Barrett even worked a WWE title match against Randy Orton, Sheamus, John Cena, Edge and Chris Jericho. Being in the ring with the top guys can convince a lot of fans about the credibility of a character. Once the Nexus ended, Wade never really got back to the top of the card. He left World Wrestling Entertainment to pursue other opportunities before ever reaching his potential as a world heavyweight champion.

Heath Slater Nexus member

Heath Slater in Nexus

There were a couple of Nexus members who looked like they were going to become main event performers. Some physiques are more impressive than others. Heath Slater was not one of those guys. He looked like a mid card performer at best. Slater has proven those projections to be pretty accurate. He has been under contract with WWE for more than a decade now. Heath has been on the main roster for almost seven years. That is a pretty solid career.

David Otunga Nexus

David Otunga in Nexus

Out of the Nexus members, David Otunga is a difficult performer to rank. As an in ring wrestler, he did not a ton of things in WWE. Otunga was not a bad performer. However, he did not exactly stand out. He was a much better talker than wrestler. What sets David apart from the other Nexus members is that he is finding more success outside of the wrestling ring. He plays bit parts in Hollywood. David Otunga is also married to Jennifer Hudson. The game has value so WWE keeps him around as a commentator and ambassador.

Darren Young

Darren Young in Nexus

An optimist will say that Darren Young has had a solid career in WWE. A realist, on the other hand, will point out that he could have been a much bigger star. When Young revealed to the world that he was gay, many felt that was an opportunity that could help his career. It would have been a great public relations move for World Wrestling Entertainment to have a star that is openly gay. Darren might not have been a world champion but he could have been an Intercontinental Champion or United States Heavyweight Champion. That opportunity might have passed. However, he can still have a spot in the company for years to come.

Justin Gabriel

Justin Gabriel in Nexus

WWE had a potential star in Justin Gabriel. He had a good look. Gabriel was quite the athlete. His finishing move connected with the audience. Justin also could have utilized his real life hunger for adventure and turned his character into more of a fan favorite. However, World Wrestling Entertainment simply never gave him that chance. Gabriel never received a sustained push. He spent much of his time in the lower card division. Justin finally quit WWE in 2015. He was so unhappy that he even skipped out on the chance to work at the Royal Rumble.

Mason Ryan Nexus member

Mason Ryan in Nexus

Though he was not an original member of the stable, Mason Ryan was one of the more pushed performers from Nexus. CM Punk brought him into the group. At the time, the Straight Edge Superstar had a ton of momentum behind him. WWE was hoping that would rub off on Ryan. While he did work some matches, Mason was mostly protected by the company because some felt that he was not experienced enough in the ring. Being sent back down to NXT appeared to have been the death blow to his wrestling career because fans simply gave up on him.

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