Paige sex tape being leaked is the latest WWE news. It reveals quite a bit about the youthful diva who is currently on bad terms with the front office.

Paige sex tape

Generating attention is something that wrestlers need to be good at. With the Paige sex tape being leaked, the diva has graduated to the head of the class. There are now intimate photos and videos online. Paige apparently had her phone hacked. Earlier in the week, some celebrities had the same issue. The belief is that Paige is a victim as well. She is clearly nude in many of these images and videos. Paige is engaged in sexual acts. Her private parts are full visible to WWE fans now.

Paige response to sex tape

Thus far, Paige has not responded to her sex tape. It is obviously her. So, a denial would make no sense. However, she cannot simply ignore the situation. Fans are going to want to hear something about them. Fortunately for the WWE star, many are being quite supportive thus far. There is some slut shaming. However the masses view her as a victim. Paige is a woman of legal age. She consented to the sexual acts. Unfortunately, those acts are now publicly available.

WWE response to Paige

The more interesting response to the Paige sex tape will come from WWE. Management has to worry about shareholders, network executives and advertisers. One of their performers has been compromised. An official statement might be needed. Paige and the front office are already on bad terms. They wanted her to fulfill her contract. However, she wants to leave the promotion. The sex tape might complicate things. World Wrestling Entertainment might simply cut the chord. It would save them the hassle of having the public relations department working overtime to fix things.

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