In WWE news, John Cena inducting Kurt Angle is going to be one of the highlights of Wrestlemania 33. Management has some good reasons for making that choice.

John Cena inducting

When WWE announced that they were inducting Kurt Angle, speculations began. Fans wanted to know who would get to do the honors. Angle has quite the history in the business. Several choices made sense. However, World Wrestling Entertainment went with the business decision. John Cena will do the honors. The first person that Cena ever wrestled on the main roster was Angle. Management will be pushing that fact quite heavily in the upcoming days.

Defending John Cena

John Cena is still one of the most controversial people in the business. WWE knows that. The front office will figure out a way to take advantage of that. Kurt Angle is a big fan of Cena. That is a genuine feeling. The Olympic gold medalist will more than likely defend John. Fans have a tendency to boo the guy. They even do so when he is not in character. World Wrestling Entertainment knows that Cena can handle this type of pressure. They also know that he will give quite the entertaining speech for Angle.

Kurt Angle vs John Cena at Summerslam

There is a good chance that WWE sets up a match for Kurt Angle during the hall of fame. John Cena might be involved in that. A simple comment could easily set up the main event at Summerslam. Angle wants to wrestle again for World Wrestling Entertainment. He has not been shy about that. Kurt actually wants to work quite a bit of matches for the company. The industry is lacking main events that will generate interest from the mainstream media. Angle and Cena might be able to generate a couple of headlines together.

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