In WWE news, Jack Swagger leaves the promotion. After waiting a bit for his release to become official, the former world heavyweight champion is now out the door.

Jack Swagger leaves WWE

A lot of wrestlers dream of making it to WWE. That is the goal for most people in the industry. Many fail to even make it past their local promotion. Jack Swagger reached the top. He signed with the biggest promotion in the world. Plus, management also made him a world heavyweight champion. However, he wanted appreciation. The front office put a number on the table. Swagger felt that is worth more. Jack wanted out. He asked for a release. Management balked. Things are now squared away. World Wrestling Entertainment is releasing Swagger.

TNA signing Jack Swagger

WWE did not reveal why they hesitated on the release. Fans obviously are going to make their own speculations. There could be a million reasons. There could be one. Some believe that World Wrestling Entertainment wanted to make sure that Jack Swagger did not immediately jump to TNA. They wanted to make sure that Impact Wrestling would not replenish their roster so quickly. So many stars walked away from the promotion in the past couple of weeks. A reunion between Swagger and the man formerly known as Zeb Colter makes a lot of sense. WWE did not want to see that happening right away.

Jack Swagger vs Kurt Angle

It is no secret that Kurt Angle is returning to WWE. It is just a matter of time before management puts him into a match. They simply need to find opponents for the Olympic gold medalist. Jack Swagger was a potential opponent. World Wrestling Entertainment attempted to have Swagger emulating Angle for years. It did not work out as planned.  Kurt still has plenty of potential opponents. Jack simply is no longer on the list. The two of them might still face one another some day. However, it will have to be on the independent wrestling circuit.

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