In WWE news, Hulk Hogan denies rumors that he is going to show up at Wrestlemania 33. The legendary performer happens to be in Orlando during the same weekend as the pay per view.

Hulk Hogan denies rumors

When Hulk Hogan appeared to be a racist, WWE opted for a divorce. Management felt it was best to move away from their legendary star. Shareholders are involved. They need to be appeased. However, many believed that a reconciliation would happen some day. The heat on Hogan has died down tremendous. The public has largely moved on from the incident. Many believe that Hulk will be at Wrestlemania 33. He happens to be in Orlando during the same weekend. Hogan, though, is denying rumors about a reunion.

Hulk Hogan promoting in Orlando

Once again, Hulk Hogan has name value. People still want to do business with the former world heavyweight champion. Hogan still knows how to generate interest. That is why he is scheduled to be in Orlando. Hulk is promoting a business in the city. He is trying to tell fans that he will not be available for Wrestlemania 33 because of those obligations. It really would not be that hard for things to be moved around. His restaurant would actually benefit from the nWo founder being involved with WWE that weekend.

Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 33

WWE is going to need to figure out how to use Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 33. It is not a huge priority, though. Fans are going to pop for Hogan regardless. He simply needs to show up for a couple of minutes. Maybe go up against a heel. Hulk can demolish Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute has backstage heat from management because of a haircut. It can also be something as simple as congratulating the winner of the Andre the Giant battle royal.

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