Harvey Wippleman bashes Vader during a recent interview with Chris Jericho. Apparently, the two of them had some backstage issues with one another in WWE.

Harvey Wippleman bashes Vader

Chris Jericho has a knack for getting stories out of people. He did that during his interview with Harvey Wippleman. The latter revealed a story about Vader. Apparently, Jim Ross once instructed Wippleman to get an interview out of Vader. However, the former world heavyweight champion refused. When Wippleman informed Ross on the matter, Vader stated that he was never told. That caused Harvey to fume because it made him look like a liar to WWE officials. Wippleman flat out called Vader a liar.

Vader backstage heat

This is not the first backstage heat incident with Vader that has been told. The real life fight with Paul Orndorff is an in infamous one. Vader can be a bit old school at times. That is why the Harvey Wippleman story seems legitimate. Performers back then were not used to working for big corporations. WWE grew into a large entity. They needed Vader to do the interview for the 900 hotline that Jim Ross was running at the time. To old school guys, that seems like a waste of time.

Vader health

Wrestling fans might side with Vader on this one. The reason for that is sentimental. It was recently revealed that the former New Japan star is having some issues with his health. At one point, Vader stated that he was on the verge of death. Fans tend to get emotional and nostalgic when tragic situations happen. The comments from Harvey Wippleman may suffer from bad timing. Plus, he is not exactly a fan favorite because WWE does not constantly feature him on television. Nonetheless, Wippleman has ever right to tell his side of the story.

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