WWE fans have turned on Road Dogg.

For years Brian James was one of the most popular people in the industry. As a wrestler, his stints with the New Age Outlaws and DX made him someone that fans wanted to see. Road Dogg was not a great in ring performer but his character put him near the top of the list.

After his in ring career was over, Road Dogg eventually transitioned into a backstage role with WWE. Many praised him for his work. A lot of people were excited when he started climbing the ranks and became a trusted lieutenant of Triple H. When he took over as the lead writer of Smackdown, most were pleased.

All of that is out the window now.

While WWE fans can be fiercely loyal towards certain things, they are also known to turn on people in the blink of an eye. All of the good deeds over the years are forgotten if you do something that they are not particularly fond of.

That is the case with Road Dogg now.

As the lead writer of Smackdown, Brian has a big say in which WWE performers are pushed. Triple H and Vince McMahon still have the final say, but James does get to throw in his opinions more so than the rest of the creative department. Things now fall on his shoulders.

Road Dogg chose to put his reputation on the line with Carmella.

When an all female version of the Money in the Bank match was announced, World Wrestling Entertainment was high praised by the fans. Many commended the company for thinking outside of the box. Fans started speculating as to which one of their favorite superstars were going to be rewarded with the highly coveted briefcase.

Natalya was a fan favorite because of her family history and her passion for pro wrestling. Tamina Snuka was the same but on a slightly lower scale. Charlotte Flair is the offspring of the Nature Boy. Plus, WWE has pushed her as a superstar. Becky Lynch has her own following.

Carmella was not very high up on that list.

When all was said and done, it was Carmella that stood tall at Money in the Bank. She was the one holding up the briefcase for the cameras to capture. Her victory was tainted in the eyes of World Wrestling Entertainment fans, though, because James Ellsworth was the one that helped her win. Despite claiming to know what heels are, fans were quite upset at their actions.

WWE had the audience right in the palms of their hands.

Daniel Bryan, the lovable underdog who still remains one of the most popular figures in the business, came back to television to try to make things right on Smackdown. He announced a rematch. That was well received by the WWE Universe. Many felt that the company was going to make things right and reward one of the other four contestants.

They went with Carmella again.

Social media is a wonderful place to observe wrestling fans. On Twitter, fans started blasting Road Dogg. At first, it was not quite clear why people had turned on the former WWE Intercontinental Champion. Then, it became evident that they were upset with his decision to put the briefcase back on Carmella in the rematch.

Being a lead writer in WWE is something that fans dreamed about. However, Road Dogg is learning that it is also a position that comes with a lot of heat. He is going to need some thick skin if he wants to be able to continue enjoying the role.

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