WWE using divas on 205 Live apparently was not a one time thing. Rumors are floating around that management wants to use more female performers on the brand. They are hoping that will help to increase interest in the cruiserweight division. Sasha Banks was said to be the first test. That is why World Wrestling Entertainment put Banks, Alicia Fox, Noam Dar and Rich Swann in a match at Extreme Rules. No word yet on which diva will be the next one chosen for the spot. However she more than likely be working a feud with Fox and be paired up with a male performer.

Sasha Banks done with Alicia Fox

The feud between Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox should be over now. WWE is more than likely going to be rotating in female performers on 205 Live. Unless they change their minds, Fox will more than likely be the centerpiece of this idea. Alicia should be receiving a slew of opponents as long as her performance is up to par. Performers always like it when they are at least featured on television on a weekly basis. It keeps their characters relevant. It also helps them impress those in charge of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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