A Simon Gotch release was not something that many expected from WWE. Of course, that is mostly because very few fans talk about the Vaudevillains member. The tag team has not been given much of a push. Gotch and Aiden English worked a couple of pay per view events since being called up to the main roster in 2016. However, World Wrestling Entertainment never pulled the trigger on them as tag team champions. The fate of English is now unknown. WWE did not mention him when they made the Gotch release announcement. Management might keep Aiden around as an enhancement talent.

Aiden English asked WWE for Vaudevillains split

For those that do not know, Simon Gotch was not a popular person backstage in WWE. Many felt that his ego was simply too big for someone that has not accomplished much. There was plenty of backstage heat on Gotch. Things got to so bad that Aiden English wanted out. He no longer wanted to be in the Vaudevillains. English feared that he would lose his job simply by being associated with Simon. Aiden even went to management to voice his concerns. World Wrestling Entertainment simply did not pull the trigger on an on screen split between the two.

Aiden English and Simon Gotch backstage fight

The Vaudevillains seemed like a cohesive unit on screen. Off screen, though, Aiden English and Simon Gotch did not get along. Things have been heating up between the two for quite some time now. It finally exploded backstage at Wrestlemania 33. English and Gotch ended up in a real life fist fight. Some are saying that Simon was actually knocked out cold by Aiden. WWE officials viewed that as the final straw. Gotch was now more of a liability than an asset. That triggered the negotiations that led to the early release of Simon from his contract.

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