Drew McIntyre return was not something that WWE fans expected. A lot of people knew that he was a free agent. His contract negotiations with TNA did not result in a new contract. The two sides decided it was best to part ways for the time being. McIntyre boosted his stock a little bit while working on Impact Wrestling. He had more of a push there than he did in World Wrestling Entertainment. The 31 year old decided that it was time to give it another run on the big stage. Drew is now an official member of the NXT roster.

Drew McIntyre replacing Shinsuke Nakamura

One of the more curious things about Drew McIntyre making his return to WWE is the fact that he is in NXT. Obviously, the fan base is aware of who the former Intercontinental Champion is. However, management decided to utilize him in the developmental brand. A big reason for that is because the roster needs depth. Several promotions are taking place at Wrestlemania 33. Shinsuke Nakamura is making his Smackdown debut. McIntyre will try to fill that void. A potential feud with Bobby Roode for the title may take place sooner than later.

Bobby Roode battling Shinsuke Nakamura

Drew McIntyre challenging Bobby Roode

It might not happen right away. However, it will not be long. Drew McIntyre is going to challenge Bobby Roode. They will battle for that NXT Heavyweight Championship. The brand needs big name guys as challengers. Shinsuke Nakamura is on Smackdown now. Hideo Itami will get his chance. Kassius Ohno might get a chance. Roode is going to need someone else in the main event. That someone is McIntyre. Bobby would probably prefer for Drew to take over the top spot soon. Without a replacement, a main roster promotion is going to be difficult for Roode to get.

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