Wrestling Revealed

Carlito and friends

A photo on Twitter of former WWE stars Carlito, Katarina Waters and Chris Masters hanging out together at a wrestling convention.
March 28, 2015

Bully Ray on Brock Lesnar

A post on Twitter where Bully Ray talks about what it means for professional wrestling now that Brock Lesnar has chosen WWE over UFC.
March 25, 2015

Abyss on Perro Aguayo

A post on Twitter from TNA star Abyss, who has extensive experience wrestling in Mexico, about the passing of Perro Aguayo.
March 22, 2015

Pro wrestling restaurant

A post on Twitter where TNA star MVP talks about wanting to open up a bar and restaurant for professional wrestling fans.
February 26, 2015

Fast Lane audience

A post on Twitter from Steve Austin where the WWE agrees with the internet wrestling community about how lackluster the Memphis audience was during the Fast Lane pay per view.
February 24, 2015

Finn Balor on Samoa Joe

A post on Twitter where WWE developmental star Finn Balor comments on Samoa Joe, who recently shocked the internet wrestling community by parting ways with TNA after almost a decade of working there.
February 22, 2015

Matt Striker on wrestling

A post on Twitter where Lucha Underground commentator Matt Striker shares his views on the current state of professional wrestling.
February 21, 2015

Naked Paige

On Monday Night Raw, WWE went with a bit of a publicity stunt while promoting their top divas feud. A backstage segment showed that Nikki Bella and Brie Bella had stolen wrestling gear from the Pale Princess, who happened to have been in the shower. The commentator teased that she might come out naked for her match. She ended wrestling in an outfit that was borrowed from a Rose Bud. That caused "Naked Paige" to become a trend on Twitter.
February 16, 2015

Bullet Club debut

A post on Twitter from Karl Anderson, where the New Japan star talks about how much of an impact the Bullet Club has made on professional wrestling since their debut two years ago.
February 14, 2015

Matt Striker Twitter

For those of you that are not following Matt Striker on Twitter, things are about to get interesting. He recently told fans to relax and let the performers do what they do in the ring instead of being critical about every move. The former WWE commentator then posted a message stating that he had nothing but love for the haters. The belief is that Striker is growing increasingly frustrated with the internet wrestling community, so a blowup could take place.
February 8, 2015