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Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns hates ladders

During a recent interview, Roman Reigns revealed that he hates working with ladders in wrestling matches. He said that he is fine with hitting people with objects and being hit with them himself. However, ladders are often unpredictable, and serious injuries have taken place in the ring due to that object. Interestingly enough, Reigns has worked in a Money in the Bank match before and will probably do so again in the future.
September 17, 2015
John Cena

Zack Ryder challenges Kevin Owens

For those that are not aware, Kevin Owens issued an open challenge of his own down in NXT. He did so to mock John Cena, the man that he will be wrestling in a rematch against at Money in the Bank. The man that answered his challenge on Thursday night was Zack Ryder. It was not a pretty sight. The under utilized and popular performer barely lasted a minute with Owens. It was the true definition of a squash match.
June 5, 2015
John Cena

John Cena vs Kevin Owens

On Monday Night Raw, it was announced that Kevin Owens and John Cena would be having a rematch at Money in the Bank later on this month. While the majority of the internet wrestling community are already worry that Cena is going to be put over, WWE is actually considering having Owens winning again. That would provide him with the credibility to become an instant main event performer on the main roster, something that is lacking.
June 1, 2015