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Young Bucks backstage heat

Apparently, WWE is still really bitter about the Young Bucks rejecting their offer last year. The brothers were asked to go in for a tryout because they had become one of the hottest acts on the independent wrestling circuit and internationally. However, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson opted to remain free agents. Management is said to be furious because they are not used to performers not wanting to work for them.
March 19, 2015

Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt

While the internet wrestling community has been yearning for some sort of interaction between the real life brothers, WWE has no plan for a program featuring both Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt. An idea has been floated around since both characters have elements of mind control, but management feels that it is too much of a stretch for fans to believe. Also, there is not a lot of support backstage for Dallas being utilized as an upper level performer.
February 5, 2015

Young Bucks reject WWE

When they were first starting out in the industry, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson never would have dreamed of rejecting WWE, but that is actually what recently happened. Management grew really impressed with their work on the independent wrestling circuit, so they contacted the brothers to gauge their interest in signing a contract. The Young Bucks reportedly turned down the invitation, but they were said to be quite cordial and polite, in doing so.
December 22, 2014