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Ricardo Rodriguez

Alberto Del Rio bashes WWE

During a recent interview, Alberto Del Rio was asked about Ricardo Rodriguez. He stated that he would love for his friend to join him in Lucha Underground. Del Rio then took a jab at WWE by stating that he wants to see Rodriguez being utilized as a wrestler like he wants to be. He stated that it was not appropriate to portray Rodriguez as simple a servant because he has the talent and ability to be something much more than that.
March 11, 2015
Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez wins title

All that Ricardo Rodriguez wanted to do was be a wrestler. It seemingly is his biggest passion in life. He waited very patiently for WWE to give him that chance, working as an on screen character in the hopes of winning over management. That opportunity never came. After leaving the company, Rodriguez is now working for WWC. Not only have they allowed him to wrestle, they even rewarded him by making him the Puerto Rican Champion.
January 29, 2015