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Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett missing

If you watched Monday Night Raw this week and wondered where Wade Barrett was, the answer has now been revealed. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion has suffered some sort of arm injury. Some are saying that it is his shoulder. Barrett suffered a shoulder injury last summer and ended up missing several months of action. No further details have been given at the moment.
December 15, 2015
Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett not pushed

When you consider that he has the total package as a wrestler, it is quite baffling that Wade Barrett has not been pushed into the main event scene for the past couple of years. Rumors have it that the reason why management is not fully behind him is because they are not happy with him being open about wanting to leave WWE in the near future. They are also concerned about him being a bit injury prone.
July 26, 2015
Wade Barrett

John Cena busted nose

Over the weekend, John Cena worked a live event in Louisiana. While delivering the Attitude Adjustment to Wade Barrett, his nose ended up being busted. The United States Heavyweight Champion grabbed a towel immediately after the match. He then got on the microphone to let the fans know about his injury. Despite the damage done to his face, the belief is that Cena will still be more than willing to work Money in the Bank.
June 8, 2015
Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett wins KOTR

In a sign that WWE is going to push him, Wade Barrett was given the King of the Ring victory over Adrian Neville tonight. Plans must have been changed backstage recently because he was initially booked to put over Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules a week ago. The absence of Bryan itself may have led to the change in decisions. The front office also did a good job of protecting Neville in the match by making it seem like he had a rib injury.
April 28, 2015
Wade Barrett

Bad News Barrett injured

A photo from Instagram where Wade Barrett reveals that he suffered some sort of injury that caused a bump on his forehead. No word yet on when the WWE star got hurt, but he will not miss time.
February 5, 2015