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Vince Russo

Vince Russo denies rumors

Rumors have been floating around about Vince Russo possibly signing a contract with Lucha Underground to become the head of their creative department. Those rumors have now been denied by the former lead writer of WWE and WCW. Russo stated that the reports about him signing with the promotion were erroneous. He also stated that he had never even heard of the executive producer that he was rumored to have met with.
February 15, 2015
Vince Russo

Velvet Sky return

While she really is no longer under contract to TNA, there are now rumors floating around that Velvet Sky could simply be working the audience. She has been telling people how disappointed she was that management did not show her more loyalty. Vince Russo even went on a long tirade about the promotion when he interviewed Velvet recently. A potential return is possible after she spends some time on the indies with Bully Ray.
February 8, 2015