Wrestling Revealed

Wrestlemania opener

While it may seem like a non factor to most fans, there is actually a debate going on backstage in WWE right now about which match will open the kickoff show for Wrestlemania this year. Initially, Vince McMahon had the fatal four way for the tag team championship penciled in as the first match of the show. Now, with the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal being bumped off the main card, he is considering using that as the opener.
March 26, 2015

Roman Reigns losing

Some possible good news for fans who are against the idea of Roman Reigns becoming the top star in WWE. There is now a really good chance that he does not get that opportunity because rumors have surfaced that Triple H has finally convinced Vince McMahon to let Brock Lesnar retain the heavyweight championship. The widespread feeling is that giving the belt to Reigns will actually hurt him in the long run because the fans are so against it right now.
March 26, 2015

Rusev lawyer

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Rusev brought out a lawyer to help him get out of defending the United States Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania against John Cena. Well, Vince McMahon was not a fan of the guy. He was so irate backstage that he fed JBL some lines on the commentating booth to bury the acting skills of the performer. It is being said that WWE auditioned people at the arena for the role.
March 17, 2015

Madusa forgiven

They say that time heals all wounds, and the possibility of Madusa being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during Wrestlemania weekend is a sure sign of that. The belief is that Vince McMahon has forgiven her for showing up surprisingly in WCW and throwing his championship into a trash can on live television. Many were under the assumption that she was going to be on the black list eternally, but time has caused the sides to make amends.
March 2, 2015

Shawn Michaels accomplishments

When Shawn Michaels won the WWE Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, Vince McMahon was quick to declare that a childhood dream had been achieved. Apparently, that was a lie. During a recent interview, Michaels revealed that he never dreamed of that when he was younger. The reason was because he did not imagine ever getting to that point. He felt that winning a title in one of the regional promotions was something more realistic.
February 11, 2015

Bryan vs Lesnar vs Reigns

For the longest time there, Vince McMahon was against the idea of adding Daniel Bryan to the WWE Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. The feeling is that the CEO did not want to repeat a similar story from the previous year, as fans would feel that the company lacks creativity. McMahon is said to be softening up on his stance as of late because he feels pressure from the fans.
February 9, 2015