In WWE news, Vince McMahon destroys his Bentley after being involved in an early morning accident.

Vince McMahon destroys

A lot of high ranking executives in this world prefer not to drive. Vince McMahon is not one of them. Despite being 70 years old and having a ton of things on his plate, he still enjoys taking the wheel. The particular commute this morning was probably not very enjoyable, though. McMahon was involved in a car wreck. It appears that he hit another car from behind. Vince might need a new vehicle. It looks like the Bentley might be beyond repairs.

Vince McMahon working Smackdown

Despite the damage to the Bentley, Vince McMahon was able to walk away from the crash. Witnesses took some photos and posted them online. McMahon looked like he was okay. Officers have stated that the accident was a minor issue. Vince is not letting the crash prevent him from continuing his work. He is slated to make it to Smackdown tonight. The show is being filmed not too far away from WWE Headquarters. McMahon has been reducing his workload at television shows. However, he is attending tonight because the venue is approximately an hour and a half away.

Vince McMahon contingency plans

Fortunately for everyone, Vince McMahon was not severely injured. However, that possibility always remains. That is why WWE is wise to have contingency plans in place. Triple H has been working day and night to learn just about every aspect of the company. If something happens to McMahon, then he needs to be able to step up and fill some big shoes. Stephanie McMahon will also be there to help. However, HHH will be the one in charge. With Wrestlemania 33 around the corner, it is a very good thing that Vince was able to escape further harm this morning.

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