With Vince McMahon absent from the Elimination Chamber, it raised a lot of eyebrows. Some are wondering about the pecking order backstage in WWE.

Vince McMahon absent backstage

When it comes to perfect attendance at work, Vince McMahon is always a candidate. It is very rare for him to miss a day of work with WWE. If he is not at the office or at a big business meeting, then McMahon is backstage at the show. He likes being in control of the product. So, he always feels the need to be in the thick of things. Whenever McMahon is absent backstage, then there is usually a pretty important reason behind it.

Vince McMahon not at Elimination Chamber

At the Elimination Chamber on Sunday, Vince McMahon was noticeably absent. He was not there barking orders. The CEO was also not changing up the plans on a whim. Instead, Triple H was the man in charge of the pay per view. After years of grooming, McMahon was comfortable with HHH running the show. While fans have been wanting that for some time now, it is not an easy transition for someone that involved.

Shane McMahon not at Elimination Chamber

Another person that was not at the Elimination Chamber was Shane McMahon. That is no a huge shock. Shane is more of an authority figure on screen than backstage. He knows that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the two taking over WWE some day. It was once something that he wanted. However, he has accepted his role in the company. His absence at the pay per view is just another sign of the hierarchy backstage nowadays.

Triple H taking over

Do not expect Vince McMahon to miss a ton of shows in 2017. It would take an act of nature to keep him away from Wrestlemania 33. His absence from the Elimination Chamber could simply be a much needed break. It also could be another test for Triple H.

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