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Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky nude photos

A lot of people search for nude photos of Velvet Sky on a weekly basis. While she has bared quite a bit of skin over the years in the various shoots, the former TNA Knockout has never posed to where you could see her genitals in full. Velvet has a couple of images online where she is not wearing any clothes, but through the use of camera tricks, you never really see everything. She also likes to do shots where her hands are covering her breasts.
January 12, 2015
Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky wardrobe accidents

A wardrobe malfunction is not anything new to Velvet Sky. Aside from having wrestled countless of matches for TNA, she also does so in skimpy outfits, which delights most of the male fans in the audiences at the live events across the country. Velvet has posed without a lot of clothes in various photo shoots, so she has no qualms about showing off her body. The belief is that she is not embarrassed by being a little nude in the ring.
August 10, 2014