With Velvet Sky hacked, she was drawn into the controversy surrounding the nude Paige photos that were leaked over the weekend.

Velvet Sky hacked

When Velvet Sky was hacked yesterday, she was not aware. A friend had to contact her. Someone got into her Twitter account. The person then posted unauthorized links on her profile. It led to nude photos of Paige that a lot of people are seeking. That, of course, did not sit well with wrestling fans. Many took to bashing Velvet for trying to exploit the WWE diva. Some were quite confused as it seems quite out of character.

Velvet Sky posting nude Paige photos

Once she regained control of her Twitter account, Velvet Sky informed fans about the situation. She stated that she had nothing to do with that post. The hacker exploited her large social media following to make a couple of bucks. Some did come to the defense of Velvet. It was something that she would not do. However, the damage was already done. Sky had to deal with an unnecessary headache. Those that have not seen the explanation will continue to make assumptions about Velvet. Words tend to spread quicker when it is something negative.

WWE stars hacked

Being a wrestler can make you vulnerable online. That is why some celebrities opt to avoid social media altogether. Velvet Sky likes to keep in touch with her fans. That is why she is routinely on Twitter. A lot of WWE stars do the same thing. Those nude Paige photos now makes every performer a potential victim of hacking. Interest in the controversy is still high. Wrestlers have to be especially careful until the situation dies down. That might take some time, especially if additional details surface. World Wrestling Entertainment might even assign someone in their technology department to monitor all their social media accounts.

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