Interestingly, there is now Reby Hardy heat from the fans. Many are growing tired of her being so aggressive towards TNA and their new management team.

Reby Hardy heat

Once in a while, wrestling fans can be unpredictable. Many of them root passionately against TNA whenever they can. They also root for the Broken Hardys. The two sides have divorced one another. The obvious choice for these particular fans is to side with Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. However, an interesting twist is taking place. There is now Reby Hardy heat. A lot of fans are supportive of the family. They want to see the gimmick continuing. Some, though, no longer want to hear Reby complaining about it.

Reby Hardy responding

Social media has been the weapon of choice for Reby Hardy. It is indeed a great one. With just a single click, she can reach millions of wrestling fans. However, some have started to rebel. Some have decided to let Reby know about how they feel. It has gotten to the point where Hardy felt the need to defend herself. She recently posted some messages about how she is simply defending her family. There has to be a substantial amount of responses for Reby to feel the need to reply.

Reby Hardy bashing TNA

Over the weekend, Reby Hardy informed wrestling fans that the family has hired a lawyer. They are preparing for a legal battle with TNA. Reby stated that she will no longer be speaking about the issues between the two sides. Shortly after that, she posted a couple of messages against Anthem Entertainment Group. Certain fans were not pleased with that. Opinions from fans is highly unlikely to affect the outcome of the lawsuit. However, it does make for interesting conversations on social media and various other forums.

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