Batista wants Titus O’Neil to leave WWE. During an interview on the Chris Jericho podcast, the former world heavyweight championship vented about his good friend. Batista feels that management has not treated O’Neil the way he should be. The former Evolution member thinks Titus is talented enough to be given a main event push. Batista is even willing to return to help O’Neil out. However, WWE has rejected his plea for another run. Another reason why Dave Bautista wants his buddy to leave the company is because he feels that Vince McMahon was wrong to suspend Titus over an on screen incident.


Batista working with WWE stars

The tone has changed a bit with Batista. Initially, he stated that he was only willing to return to WWE to work a final feud with Triple H. Now, he has started adding names to that list. During the interview with Chris Jericho, Batista stated that he is willing to work with Bray Wyatt. The other person that he mentioned was Titus O’Neil. Batista is currently doing a lot of media interviews to promote Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The topic of a WWE return is sure to be brought up again. Dave might add even more names to his list.

Vince McMahon

Titus O’Neil leaving WWE

Batista might actually not get a chance to work with Titus O’Neil even if WWE agreed to a return. He has some backstage heat with management again. Titus is being sued by a camera man after a prank gone wrong. The alleged victim is seeking $1.2 million. Though he does a lot of off camera work for World Wrestling Entertainment, the front office might not feel that he is worth the trouble any more. There is a chance that O’Neil could end up on the receiving end of a release.

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