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HHH hogging spotlight

There is some concern within WWE over the roles that Triple H has been giving himself. Even though he was the right guy for the part because of his in ring abilities and name value, some questioned if he should have been the one to work with Sting in his debut match. HHH is also penciled in to work with The Rock at Wrestlemania, so a decent amount of people are going to silently accuse him of putting himself in the biggest spotlight.
October 1, 2015
Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns family

Since the moment that he made his debut on the main roster, WWE has largely avoided talking about the family tree that Roman Reigns came from. The move puzzled many people, as they feel that it would have been beneficial on a marketing level to let the world know that he comes from such a beloved family. The plan has changed. Management intends to fully sell the fact that Reigns comes from the same family as The Rock.
January 30, 2015