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The Rock

The Rock as Green Lantern

The studios were not pleased with the Green Lantern movie that Ryan Reynolds starred in, and they have been looking into ways to revive the franchise as quick as possible. They knew that they needed someone even more popular to bank on. Hollywood turned to The Rock. He was the first choice to star in the reboot, but the WWE legend turned them down because he has long had his heart set on playing the Black Adam character instead.
March 4, 2015
The Rock

The Rock in GI Joe 3

When GI Joe: Retaliation came out in theaters, it faced mixed reactions, so many wondered if the series would continue, even though the film generated more than $200 million in profits. It looks like Hollywood is going to take another gamble on the series, and a big part of why they're comfortable enough to do so is because The Rock has agreed to star in the third edition of the movie. His character of Roadblock will be the centerpiece.
January 12, 2015