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Sunny bashes Edge and Christian

A post on Twitter where former WWE diva Tammy Sytch reveals the reason why she thinks that Edge and Christian are upset with her. It involves sex.
March 2, 2016
Tammy Sytch

Tammy Sytch website down

A post on Twitter where Tammy Sytch reveals to a fan why she had to take down her personal website.
December 21, 2015
Tammy Sytch

Tammy Sytch still in jail

When you have a history of making bad decisions, it becomes a whole lot harder to find people that will put their name on the line to get you out of jail. It is a lesson that Tammy Sytch is learning right now. The former WWE diva is still in jail after meeting with a judge earlier today. Her bail has been set at $2,000. Thus far, no one has stepped up to get her released. The belief is that she does not have that type of money herself.
September 25, 2015
Tammy Sytch

Tammy Sytch fooled by fan

A rather interesting discussion took place between Tammy Sytch and a person that she thought was Jim Ross on social media yesterday. The two of them discussed the rumors about Sytch doing porn. Some of the comments made towards her were rather raunchy, including a sexually suggestive idea that involves barbecue sauce. The real Ross took to his blog earlier today to inform fans that it was a fake account and not words coming from him.
May 25, 2015
Tammy Sytch

Tammy Sytch porn movie

Some further details have been revealed about the negotiations between Tammy Sytch and Vivid. The studio wants her to shoot a porn scene in the middle of a wrestling ring. However, the former WWE star feels that it would be a bit campy. She thinks that the idea has been played out. Sytch would much rather shoot the movie in a traditional setting, such as a hotel room or a big fancy house in the hills. This is the reason why she has not signed yet.
May 23, 2015