Wrestling Revealed

Luke Harper

WWE highlights Michinoku Driver

A post on YouTube where WWE showcases 20 awesome versions of the Michinoku Driver, including ones done by Luke Harper and Tajiri.
January 3, 2016
Tommy Dreamer

Tajiri to House of Hardcore

When it comes to putting together a good card, you have to hand it to Tommy Dreamer. Guy knows how to make it happen. House of Hardcore is doing a couple of shows in November, one at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia and one in New York. To generate further interest into those events, Dreamer has enlisted the help of his good friend, Tajiri. He will be coming over from Japan to work a pair of matches.
September 11, 2015

Muta and Tajiri blowing mists

A post on Twitter where the Great Muta and Tajiri are both in the ring during a live event in Japan and blowing red mists into the air together. Since there is also some green mists in the air, it appears that the third person in the ring is also blowing mists as well.
June 9, 2015