The Summer Rae return is right around the corner. The WWE medical staff has cleared her to get back in to the ring. Summer has taken quite a bit of time away from the ring to recover from an injury. In fact, it is getting pretty close to a year since she has worked a match for World Wrestling Entertainment. The return is being delayed because the creative department cannot come up with a plan for Summer Rae. WWE simply cannot figure out if they want her on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live. They are debating potential opponents that would be a good fit for Summer.

Summer Rae prepared for return

Over the last couple of weeks, WWE stars have been all over Europe for the annual tour. Rumors surfaced that Summer Rae was going to make her return during that time. The reason for that is because the 33 year old was spotted in Europe as well. It has now been revealed that Summer was simply taking a vacation. She was enjoying her time off before heading back to the hectic schedule that World Wrestling Entertainment has performers on. That is another indication that the return is coming sooner than later.

Summer Rae return on Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw might be an interesting place for the Summer Rae return. She is already on the official roster page for the brand. There, Summer can work against a veteran like Mickie James. That helps alleviate some of the pressure of coming back from a year long injury. Sasha Banks, Bayley and Alexa Bliss could also be potential opponents for Summer Rae. Those three gals could use a fresh face to work against. Of course, with WWE being so high on Alexa, there might not be much room at the top for Summer.

Summer Rae return on Smackdown Live

WWE could also do the Summer Rae return on Smackdown Live. Becky Lynch could use someone to work with before moving back towards the top of the ladder. A feud between Summer and Charlotte Flair could be entertaining. World Wrestling Entertainment could also throw her into the Welcome Committee stable with Natalya, Tamina Snuka, Carmella and James Ellsworth. There could be some entertainment value in Ellsworth falling in love with Summer Rae and upsetting Carmella. It would be a ridiculous feud, but that is something that James brings to WWE.

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