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Blackjack Mulligan

The Blackjacks

Here is an interesting tidbit on Blackjack Mulligan. Prior to forming their legendary tag team, Mulligan started copying the gimmick of Blackjack Lanza. Shortly after he started doing it, Mulligan contacted Lanza for permission. Lanza told Mulligan that he stole his name, his look and his finishing move. Lanza then asked Mulligan if he wanted to take his manager, Bobby Heenan, as well.
August 22, 2015
Mr Anderson

Mr Anderson as Sting

In a move that would surely generate more interest and perhaps some backlash, there are rumors floating around that TNA is thinking about having Mr Anderson bringing back the gimmick where he impersonates Sting. The highly unlikely move would be a great way to steal some of the thunder that WWE will surely receive when they start promoting the WCW legend and his involvement at Wrestlemania in a couple of weeks.
January 29, 2015
Josh Mathews

Josh Mathews real name

An interesting point has been made about Josh Mathews being able to use the same moniker in TNA as he did in WWE. Generally, the latter corporation likes to copyright names and gimmicks that they come up with, so that they can control the capitalizing. The belief here is that management never bothered to file the paperwork to keep ownership of the handle. For those that do not know, the commentator's real name is Josh Lomberger.
January 27, 2015

Sting the Vigilante

If you're a WWE fan that is observant, you already noticed that Sting has been given a new on screen nickname by the commentators and wrestlers. Management has been insistent on their performers that they push the Vigilante nickname as much as possible. Management wants to be able to apply various trademarks and copyrights to the gimmick, so that they can make as much profit off of merchandising as they can while the legend is around.
December 16, 2014