Wrestling Revealed

WWE recommending Dudleys

As many of you already know, WWE has a big developmental program that seeks out new performers constantly. Not everyone makes it through the doors, though. For those that are not quite ready for the developmental program, the front office has been suggesting that they attend the school ran by Bully Ray and Brother Devon as a way to get up to par. The former tag team champions are said to be top level trainers.
March 18, 2015

DeMott bullying Rusev

One of the more interesting allegations that were leaked about Bill DeMott this week was the fact that he once bullied Rusev while he was going through the WWE developmental program. It is being said that the former ripped the New York Jets shirt that the latter was wearing because he did not like that particular team. DeMott allegedly also slapped the current United States Heavyweight Champion in the neck, which was injured at the time.
March 4, 2015

Samoa Joe in WWE

The widespread belief is that Samoa Joe will be heading overseas and working a sting with New Japan later on this year. However, there are now reports that he might not leave the United States at all. Sources are saying that WWE has contacted the former world heavyweight champion and has put an offer on the table for him to join their developmental program. No word yet on whether or not Joe is interested in doing NXT.
February 26, 2015

Ascension in WWE

Very soon, fans will get to see the Ascension, a developmental team consisting of Konnor and Viktor, on the main roster in WWE. Their long rumored promotion should be taking place during the month of December. Some reports even have them showing up as soon as the next episode of Monday Night Raw. Management believes that the tag team division is in desperate need of new blood, and the two performers have done very well for NXT.
December 9, 2014