The status of Shinsuke Nakamura has long been an interesting topic of debate. He left New Japan and signed with WWE around the same time that AJ Styles did. The latter is currently the heavyweight champion on the main roster, while the former is still toiling around in NXT. There were even speculations recently that management wanted to keep Nakamura in the developmental brand for a bit longer. Conflicting reports have now surfaced. The former New Japan star is currently taking classes with Terry Taylor, whose job within World Wrestling Entertainment is to prepare NXT performers to be ready for a jump to the main roster.

Triple H made some comments recently that made fans of Nakamura concerned about his future with WWE. The belief was that he was going to be stuck in NXT because HHH made it a point to emphasize that he wants the developmental brand to be on par with Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live, which led fans to believe that he wanted to keep some big name guys down in Florida. Nakamura seemed like a candidate to be stuck in that role instead of being elevated to the main roster.

There were also concerns that Nakamura would have to wait while Samoa Joe gets his promotion. During the weekend of the Royal Rumble, Nakamura is set to headline the NXT show in the main event title match against Bobby Roode in what should be one of the more entertaining moments of the entire weekend. Samoa Joe is not booked on the card and speculations are floating around that the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion was left off the show because he is set to make his main roster debut in the big battle royal. Joe is also scheduled for a big push, so another main roster promotion seems unlikely while that is going on.

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