Around this time every year, WWE fans start speculating on potential returns at the Royal Rumble. This is the pay per view where management likes bringing in old faces from outside of the promotion and giving them a little bit of the spotlight. Fans love the nostalgic feeling, so it has become somewhat of a tradition. More often than not, Shelton Benjamin finds his name routinely being thrown into the mix. This year is no different. The former Intercontinental Champion took to Twitter to let fans know that he will not be able to compete at the Royal Rumble this year because he is still recovering from an injury.

To give you an idea of just how serious the injury is, Shelton Benjamin initially had a contract in hand to make a return to WWE as a valuable veteran on the roster. However, the former world tag team champion was forced to turn it down because he did not feel that he could physically handle the rigors of being in the ring a couple of nights a week while constantly being on the road.

While many are assuming that Benjamin will be back with WWE once his injuries heal, there is still a chance that it might not happen if an opening on the roster is not made available. For example, if someone likes Rhyno decides that he no longer wants to be on the road all the time, he might leave his position behind, paving the way for Benjamin to be the replacement. Fortunately for Benjamin, injuries always take place, so he might fill a roster spot for someone else.

Since Benjamin still has name value, he could have other options for employment. He had a stint in ROH with longtime partner Charlie Haas. Plus, Benjamin negotiated with TNA as recently as 2015.

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