For Batista, the Shelly Martinez backstage heat still exists. The former WWE diva recently brought up that situation while doing an interview. The topic was about her upcoming retirement from pro wrestling. During that discussion, Shelly talked about how difficult life has become recently. As a resident of Hollywood, she states that she is seeing Batista being prominently promoted for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Since it is one of the top hits of the year, there is plenty of coverage. It pains Martinez to hear his name that frequently. It seems like she might even move to avoid mentions of Dave.

Shelly Martinez backstage heat with Batista

For those that do not know, Shelly Martinez has backstage heat with Batista over an incident in the locker room. She claims that he was being verbally abusive towards her good friend Melina Perez. Shelly decided to step in and confront Batista. That allegedly did not sit well with Dave. The two got into quite the heated argument. WWE officials knew something needed to happen. So, Martinez was fired from the company. She states that management sided with Batista because he was a big star. Shelly is definitely not over that incident. She might never be.

Batista moves on from backstage heat

There is a very good chance that Batista has moved on from his backstage heat with Shelly Martinez. He is now a big star in Hollywood. The success of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 ensures that he has at least another blockbuster movie waiting for him. There are also talks that Dave Bautista is going to play a part in the upcoming Avengers movie. If asked about the situation, the former world heavyweight champion will more than likely bring up the fact that Shelly Martinez has not reached the level of success that he has.

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