Wrestling Revealed

Dean Ambrose opponent

Another potential Wrestlemania opponent has surfaced for Dean Ambrose. Depending on how well his match against Wade Barrett at Fast Lane goes, WWE could opt to make the switch at the big pay per view by replacing Barrett with the soon to return Sheamus, who is still heavily rumored to be making a heel turn to freshen up his stale character. Management definitely wants to reward Ambrose for his hard work with a spot on the card.
February 8, 2015

Sheamus heel turn

Since Sheamus is coming back to WWE soon and management wants to give him another push, there have been plenty of discussions on how to properly utilize him. Many are aware that his character has grown a bit stale over the last year, as he really did not have a lot of great stories to work with. One of the ideas being tossed around right now is to do a heel turn. Some are against the idea because he is one of the more popular guys on the charity front.
January 2, 2015