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Seth Rollins on Daily Show

By now, most of you have already seen the banter between Seth Rollins and John Stewart. In case you didn't know, their feud is a work. Stewart is a big fan of WWE and has been spotted at live events before in the past. There are now talks that this could end up with Rollins making a guest appearance on the Daily Show to further the story. Stewart is taping several new episodes this week in New York City, so Rollins could be flown in.
February 22, 2015

Randy Orton pulled

As soon as he made his return to WWE at the live events over the weekend, the belief was that Randy Orton was going to make an appearance on Monday Night Raw this week. There were actually plans in the works for that to happen, but management decided to pull the angle because they came up with a better story involving Edge, Seth Rollins and John Cena, which resulted in the return of The Authority. Orton showed up after the cameras went dark.
December 31, 2014