One of the biggest stories in the history of professional wrestling took place whenever Scott Hall and Kevin Nash both left WWE and signed with WCW. Free agency was not anything new in the industry at the time. Performers have long jumped back and forth between promotions. However, the jump made by Hall and Nash helped spark an industry changing event. It was the catalyst that enabled World Championship Wrestling to finally surpass World Wrestling Entertainment in the ratings.

According to Sean Waltman, he played a big role in making that happen. During a recent interview, the man formerly known as X-Pac stated that he was the one that brought up the possibility of an employment change to Hall and Nash.

Waltman stated that WWE was not paying all too well while he, Hall and Nash were all working there. He stated that he started looking for opportunities in Hollywood. While in Los Angeles, Waltman met up with Barry Bloom, who happened to be an agent in the entertainment industry. It was during one of their conversations that Bloom notified Waltman that Eric Bischoff was throwing out some big money to get performers to sign with WCW.

Waltman relayed the message to Hall and Nash, who then got in contact with Bischoff.

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