Wrestling Revealed

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash arrested

In a rather disturbing development, Kevin Nash was arrested earlier this morning for battery. The incident involved his son, as the two of them got into a fight at the house. Nash is claiming that his son came home drunk and became belligerent. The two got into a scuffle, and when cops arrived, they had deemed Nash as the primary aggressor. That choice might have been incorrect, as Nash's son was arrested two hours later in another domestic incident.
December 24, 2014
AJ Styles

Jarrett defends Styles

Despite being one of the more respected performers for much of his career, AJ Styles and his reputation have been taking a hit lately, as some fans have been critical of the former world champion because a couple of opponents have been injured while selling the Styles Clash. During an interview, Jeff Jarrett defend Styles, stating that the opponent needs to know how to protect themselves. He stated that Styles has done the move for years now.
December 24, 2014
The Rock

The Rock wearing a onesie

A hilarious Instagram photo of The Rock, wearing a Christmas themed onesie and singing karaoke.
December 24, 2014
Nick Jackson

Young Bucks to GFW

Earlier in the week, the Young Bucks generated quite the buzz, when it was revealed that the brother tandem had politely turned down WWE on a contract offer. Well, it looks like they have their eyes set on another promotion in North America. The speculation right now is that Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson are going to be signing with Jeff Jarrett to work in his GFW promotion. Their deal with New Japan makes it easier to make that happen.
December 23, 2014
Mike Tenay

Third TNA show

Another announcement has been made by TNA. Dixie Carter has revealed that they are going to be having a third television show on Destination America. Impact Wrestling will air every Friday night. On Saturday morning, there will be a show hosted by Mike Tenay, where he will more than likely talk about the state of the company. Afterwards, there will be a greatest hits show, featuring some of the biggest stars from the past.
December 23, 2014
Alberto Del Rio

Bellator signing Alberto Del Rio

There are strong speculations floating around right now that Alberto Del Rio is going to dabble in MMA again, especially since Bellator president Scott Coker flat out stated that his management team has been in contact with the former world heavyweight champion. Del Rio has signed on for a couple of dates with ROH early in 2015, but he could spend the following months, preparing for mixed martial arts, as he does not have another long term deal in place yet.
December 23, 2014
Adam Pearce

Adam Pearce retiring

An intriguing Instagram photo from Adam Pearce, where the former NWA heavyweight champion is hinting that he might have decided to retire as an in ring performer to join WWE.
December 22, 2014
Matt Jackson

Young Bucks reject WWE

When they were first starting out in the industry, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson never would have dreamed of rejecting WWE, but that is actually what recently happened. Management grew really impressed with their work on the independent wrestling circuit, so they contacted the brothers to gauge their interest in signing a contract. The Young Bucks reportedly turned down the invitation, but they were said to be quite cordial and polite, in doing so.
December 22, 2014
Dixie Carter

Second TNA show

Looks like Dixie Carter and her team negotiated a much better television deal than many of us had previously thought. While the availability will be a bit of a downgrade, as Destination America does not have as widespread of a reach as Spike TV, the commitment from the network appears to be an upgrade so far. TNA will have another show on the air, in addition to the weekly Impact Wrestling broadcast. It will be a highlight show on Saturday morning.
December 22, 2014

Sheamus and Balor drinking

A fun Twitter photo of Sheamus and Finn Balor, who signed with WWE earlier this year, having some beers together, somewhere in Europe for the holidays.
December 22, 2014