Back in August, the Sasha Banks marriage was revealed through social media. The WWE diva finally reveals why she kept it a secret from wrestling fans.

Sasha Banks marriage

Very few people knew that Sasha Banks was in a relationship. Even fewer knew that she had a marriage. In interesting bit of WWE news, the former Women’s Champion explains why she kept that a secret from the internet wrestling community. She loves her husband a lot. Sasha wanted to protect him. Jealous fans would go through social media to reveal their feelings on her relationship. Banks did not want her husband to receive hate from fans. Many thought that he was simply not good enough for Sasha.

Sarath Ton facts

Hardcore wrestling fans know who Sarath Ton is. He is a former in ring performer. Some remember him as Kid Makaze. If you browse through Google Images, you can see that he is a former champion. However, not many fans know that he currently works for WWE. Ton designs a lot of the costumes that we see on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live. Even fewer fans know that he is married to Sasha Banks. Many have trouble accepting that fact. Sasha is one of the most attractive female performers in the business, so fans expect someone different as her husband.

Sasha Banks marriage affecting WWE

She would never admit this, but Sasha Banks kept her marriage a secret for business. WWE is a different beast. So is professional wrestling. Fans like the fantasy world. They want to believe that all of the divas are available. Many do not want to know that they are in a relationship. For marketing reasons, it makes the girls less appealing. Guys want to know that the have a chance with the divas. Sasha has every right to have a personal life away from World Wrestling Entertainment. Keeping the marriage a secret was the right thing to do.

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