To make things more interesting in the divas division, a Sasha Banks heel turn is being planned for Monday Night Raw. Once she is done with Nia Jax, she will then transition into a feud with Bayley that should lead to a match at an upcoming WWE pay per view.

Sasha Banks heel turn being planned

In order to make Charlotte Flair a dominant champion at pay per view events, WWE set up some pawns. Management used Sasha in that role. The two of them feuded for quite a few months. That did not sit too well with fans who were looking for fresher match ups. After Sasha put over Charlotte, management moved on to Bayley, who lost at the Royal Rumble.

WWE needed a plan to rebuild Sasha.

Building up Nia Jax

The front office is building up Nia Jax. They want to give her more credibility and momentum by making her seem ultra dominant. WWE decided to kill two birds with one stone by pairing her up with Sasha. Over the past month, the former has been destroying the latter. They have made Sasha seem like a shell of her former self. Her character has a lot of built up frustration.

Bayley getting involved

With Sasha doing a heel turn, Bayley becomes the baby face in the upcoming feud. Right now, she is playing the character of concerned friend. Furthermore, Bayley is also being a bit of a punching bag for Sasha. The latter lashed out at her recently by stating that Bayley is alright with not being a winner.

This will eventually lead to a fallout between Bayley and Sasha.

WWE is stacking up the main card at Wrestlemania 33, so a singles match between Bayley and Sasha seems unlikely. The two of them might be in a triple threat match against Charlotte if management cannot find a baby face to take the belt away from the champion.

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